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How To Choose A Mountain Bike

The first thing to do before purchasing a bicycle for any reason is to know what your primary riding is going to be. Most people initially purchase a dual use bike, something that can be ridden on road and off road. Eventually, when the bug bites big it'll be time to invest in a bike that is all muscle for the mountains. One of the ways that mountain bikes differ from other bikes is that they have very strong, lightweight frames, multiple gears, powerful breaks and wide tires. A comfort bike, ........ Read More

Beginner Mountain Bike Skills

Mountain biking is an exciting sport that can be enjoyed by anyone who knows how to ride a bike. Compared to the average bike ride, it does present some danger. Therefore, you should master these basic skills before you hit the trails or the dirt. You can practice these beginning skills at a local park, school, bike path, or simply around your house. If you can, try to find a location with a steep hill. Get a feel for your pedals Practice moving your foot away from the pe........ Read More

How To Buy A Mountain Bike

In a perfect world you could buy any bike you wanted at a price you could afford, but in the real world mountain biking prices vary wildly. We provide some tips on what to look for. Buying a house is just about the most important investment you can make in your life. Various means of transportation come second - from yachts or boats and cars to motorcycles. Acquiring a bicycle is not quite as expensive as that - but there are so many brands available, at so many different price ranges, that i........ Read More

Different Types Of Mountain Bikes

With mountain biking being a very popular sport, there are many bikes to choose from. Depending on what type of riding you like, the style of bikes you can choose from will vary. Below, you'll find tips on the different types of bikes available. 1. Cross country Almost all mountain bikes will fit into this category. Cross country mountain bikes are light weight, making them easy to ride over most terrains, even up and down hills. This is the most common mountain bike and it c........ Read More

Mountain Bike Anatomy

A mountain bike is the one thing you need before you go mountain biking. A mountain bike contains many parts, which will be covered below: 1. Bottom bracket - This attaches the crankset to the body of a bike. 2. Brake cable - This is the cable that connects the brake lever to the brake mechanism. 3. Brake lever - The lever on the handlebar to activate the brakes. The left side is the front brake and the right side is the rear brake. 4. Chain - The circular set of link........ Read More

How Mountain Bike Gears Work

The gears in mountain bikes just keep getting more and more intricate. The bikes of today have as many as 27 gear ratios. A mountain bike will use a combination of three different sized sprockets in front and nine in the back to produce gear ratios. The idea behind all these gears is to allow the rider to crank the pedals at a constant pace no matter what kind of slope the bike is on. You can understand this better by picturing a bike with just a single gear. Each time you rot........ Read More

Mountain Bike Frames

Your very first ride down the steep slopes of a bona fide mountain on a rock strewn trail on an old bike will undoubtedly leave you convinced to the necessity of purchasing a strong and resilient mountain bike frame! It, as your body will attest, is going to absorb a lot of shock. If you invest in a good mountain bike frame, it will do even more: it will actually absorb, into its metal and components, much of the shock that would otherwise move readily into your own components! Design and const........ Read More

How To Lube Your Mountain Bike

A mountain bike is a lot of fun although it does require some maintenance. You should always lube your bike 15 hours or so before riding, as quick jobs right before you take off normally doesn't get everything lubed. Some lube jobs will last for more rides, although if things get loud or shifting gets sticky, it's time to lube. Here is how to lube your bike: 1. The chain Apply a generous amount of mountain bike lube to your chain as you move the pedals around backwards. It........ Read More

Mountain Bikes – A Mainstream Riding Style

Mountain bike riders must have shock system type of bikes that include full suspension and hard tail and even no suspension. The shock system is important as because it helps to absorb the impact over rugged terrain that provide a smoother ride. Full suspension bikes got suspension in both the front and the rear of the bike. Hard tail bikes have solid rear fork and shock system in place of the front fork. Mountain bikes with lower end models do not have a shock system in the front or in the back........ Read More

Buying A Mountain Bike

It can be a bit frustrating as well as time consuming when you buy a mountain bike. Below, you'll find some tips and things to be aware of before you lay down the cash and buy a mountain bike. Determining your price There is really no limit as to how much money you can spend on a new mountain bike. To help you keep your spending under control, you should figure out what your price range is and how much your willing to pay for a new bike. When you buy, you shouldn't buy from m........ Read More

Guidelines To Select The Right Mountain Bike Shoes

Mountain bike shoes are an integral part of your mountain biking equipments since the right shoes can make your ride comfortable and help you to handle strenuous pedaling and difficult situations like feet swelling etc. during long mountain biking trips. There are a wide variety of mountain bike shoes available nowadays ranging from Clipless pedal shoes to custom-made mountain bike shoes. However there are some basic as well as individual specific factors which can help you decide and select yo........ Read More

Mountain Bike Designs

The designs for mountain bikes can be classified in three categories based on suspension: 1. Hardtail - A frame with no rear suspension, often containing a front suspension fork. 2. Fully rigid - This is a sub type of hardtail, with a rigid fork. 3. Dual or full suspension - These bikes offer a front suspension fork and a rear suspension that are integrated into the frame. 4. Soft tail - Offers a frame with a small amount of rear suspension, normally less than a full suspens........ Read More

Mountain Bikes Buying Guide

How to choose a mountain bike depends on what you are going to do with it, if all you want your new mountain bike for is going for a nice leisurely ride on the canal path or a ride in the woods with the dog, well you wont need a full suspension downhill machine with 4 inch travel on the forks and a fully articulated rear end with damping and rebound control. + Where to Start From. If you do want to go for an easy ride in the park you don’t need to spend too much, if you think you will do any........ Read More

Sizing Mountain Bikes

Along with giving you a better selection and expert advice, bike shop personnel can you help you get fitted to the right size bike. You can get the bike either too big or too small, which will cause your enjoyment to suffer. Follow the tips below, and you'll have the perfect fit for your mountain bike. Standover height When you check the fitting yourself, the first thing you want to check is the inseam clearance, or the standover height. You want to have plenty of room between ........ Read More

Why Mountain Bike Shoes?

To increase your enjoyment of mountain biking, the right shoe is essential. A shoe designed specifically for the mountain biker is the way to go. Mountain bike shoes come in a variety of prices, from the inexpensive $70 range, up to over $400. The amount of money you pay depends entirely on whether or not you are a casual, once-a-month rider, a serious hobbyist, or someone who competes in races - either amateur or professional. What is it about mountain bike shoes that make them a) importa........ Read More


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